Minute Message August 27

Aug 27, 2015Claudia Mitchell

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New tennis shoes, long lines at Target, and fresh hair cuts, always remind me of the first day of school. I asked Lydia how she would describe her first day of school and in a dramatic voice she said, "well it's a whole new world!"

Hi I'm Claudia Mitchell with a Minute Message from Sherwood Oaks.

The song from the Disney movie Aladdin titled"A Whole New world "always reminds me of Lydia. The song was really about the romantic view from a flying floor mat but Disney has a song for everything.

It is amazing to have the opportunity for a new start, new friends,and new seasons of growth. I'm convinced God wants us to have a whole new world starting every day. There is So much more than striving, working, and schedules. We can experience the wonder and thrill of a fresh start every single day, The Bible reminds us ; "The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases,his mercies never come to an end,they are new every morning." Lydia is right Everyday with life in God makes each day a whole new world.