MInute Message August 6

Aug 6, 2015Tom Ellsworth

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The word potential describes the power of an individual to achieve great accomplishments in life. Unfortunately, we sometimes fail to live up to our God-given potential. Hi, I’m Tom Ellsworth from Sherwood Oaks Christian Church with a minute message.

God’s creation provides us with some amazing examples of potential. For instance, take a pair of common field mice. If all of their descendants survived, in just one year their tribe could increase to 1,464,122. That’s scary, but that’s also great potential! Or, consider the tropical Talipot palm tree. It blossoms only once, at the end of its 70 years of life, but that single bloom is spectacular. This flowering head can be 20 feet high and 42 feet in diameter, and can produce as many as 60 million one-inch fruits. Wow       ! Did you ever bite into one of those fiery hot little peppers? All of that heat comes from just one tenth of one percent of that pepper. Just a trace of that capsaicin acid is all it takes to set your mouth on fire. What potential!

If God’s creation around us is always producing at maximum power, don’t you think He deserves our best? So today, give it all you’ve got. Live up to your potential!