Minute Message February 11

Feb 11, 2016Tom Ellsworth

You know when you’ve found the love of your life; it’s the one whose love you just can’t live without. Hi I’m Tom Ellsworth from Sherwood Oaks Christian Church with a minute message.

Sunday is Valentine’s Day, the fourth busiest retail holiday of the year and the biggest day for cut flowers. Add elaborate greeting cards, gifts of jewelry, boxes of candy and this day becomes a real commercial success.

But don’t forget, the success of our affections is not measured in dollars and cents. It’s easy to demonstrate love one day out of the year, but what about the other 364? Genuine love isn’t characterized by red hearts or red roses; it is seen in the everyday gifts that almost go unnoticed: kind words, thoughtful encouragement, selfless actions. The best picture of true love is not the man who brings home flowers, but the man who after decades of marriage journey’s to the nursing home daily to sit with his wife who no longer knows his name. What’s better than young love? Old love, ageless and true.

Thankfully, God’s love doesn’t just come one day in February, but every day of our lives. His, too, is a love you just can’t live without!