Minute Message July 12

Jul 11, 2018Tom Ellsworth

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Henry Van Dyke wrote, “Use what talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.”  Hi, I’m Tom Ellsworth from Sherwood Oaks Christian Church with a minute message.

God-given talent always makes a difference; sometimes long after the gift has been used.  The eighteenth ceighteenth-centuryist, Bernardo Bellotto, captured the attention of Europe with his paintings of European city landscapes.  His attention to minute detail was one of the hallmarks of his work.  And while his art was much appreciated during his sixty years of life, Bellotto could never have lived long enough to witness its greatest contribution.  Following World War II and the devastation of many European cities, Bellotto’s paintings, renowned for their accuracy and realism, were used like blueprints to rebuild what had been destroyed.  His work was invaluable in the restoration of the historic sections of Warsaw, Poland.

Use the talents and abilities God has given you.  You may not live long enough to see the results, but give it your all anyway.  You will make a difference.  And the best news?  That difference may impact the lives of people for generations to come.