Minute Message September 6

Sep 5, 2018Tom Ellsworth

What if a wealthy benefactor decided to give you 86,400 pennies a day.  That’s an annual salary of over $315,000.00!  What would you do?  Hi, I’m Tom Ellsworth from Sherwood Oaks Christian Church with a minute message. 

You’re allowed to use those 86,400 pennies in any manner you choose, but the day’s unused portion must be returned to the benefactor.  At first, you would take extra care in how you spend the money – you might pay down your home mortgage or car loan.  Perhaps you’d start a college education fund or help a friend or act benevolently.  But I suspect, with the passing of time, we’d all get sloppy in our spending habits.  We might even become wasteful and careless.  

Each day God gives us 86,400 seconds to use as we see fit.  Each second is valuable; don’t waste a moment!  Use your time wisely!  This bit of poetry says it well:

I have only just a minute.

Only sixty seconds in it.

Didn't seek it, didn't choose it.

But it’s up to me to use it.

I must suffer if I lose it. 

Give account if I abuse it.

Just a tiny little minute.

But eternity is in it.