New Series: Cross Training

Sep 2, 2014Tom Ellsworth

This weekend kicks off our new series, Cross Training: Five Steps to a Stronger Faith. Here is a little bit of what we'll be talking about for the next five weeks.

September 7:
Eat Healthy – Food for one’s spirit is as important as food for the stomach. What kind of “soul food” are you feasting on?

September 14:
Stick to a Regimen – Developing a good habit may begin with breaking a bad one. God calls us to positive habits that will shape our lives. What good habit do you need to foster most?

September 21:
Don’t Go It Alone – We are incredible relational – created in the image of a relational God. We are not equipped to go it alone in this life so how are you connected to others who will encourage you through life?

September 28:
Exercise Regularly – What exercise is to the body’s muscles, spiritual exercise is to our relationship with the Lord. What is your biggest challenge when it comes to being spiritually fit?

October 5:
Don’t Give Up – In the tough times of life it is far too easy to give up and throw in the spiritual towel. The Bible, however, teaches us to persevere. Where do you turn to find hope in your hopeless moments?