New South Entrance Coming

Apr 22, 2016

On Sunday (April 17), Tom talked a little bit about the New South Entrance that we are hoping to begin constructing in the next few months. Miss the video? Watch it now:

New South Entrance from Sherwood Oaks Christian Church on Vimeo.

Additional FAQs

What is the official name for the building project?
New South Entrance

Why are we doing this project now?
It is important that we take forward steps in ensuring the safety of our kids and students. This project allows us to fix a part of the building without heat or air conditioning, and allows us to create a more secure Shewood Kids area. Once this construction project is completed, we will be able to completely lock down and secure the kids areas during the week and on Sundays.

What entrances will be affected?
Doors 13-14 and 15 will all be eliminated and combined into one entrance. During construction, these entrances will be unusable and blocked off by construction fence. The stairway across from the chapel will also be eliminated.

How will I get to the education building during construction?
You will be able to enter the education building through doors 8 (near the gym), 11 (far entrance on the education building) or 12(directly into the gym). To enter the children’s area, you will use door 17 (near the playground).

What is happening at Door 20?
At the end of the project, the stairs at Door 20 will be eliminated, the concrete wall removed, and a bigger, more welcome space will be created.

Are we going back into debt to do this project?
Absolutely not! When we became debt-free in 2015, we committed to remaining a debt-free congregation. This project will be funded by a generous gift as well as support from the congregation!