Pride v. Humility

Jan 30, 2017Tom Ellsworth

(excerpted from Tom's January 29 message)

These words from Romans are worth remembering daily –  Romans 12:3 (NIV) Don’t think of yourselves more highly than you ought…” You see pride goes much deeper than simply bragging; it is the delusion that I am the most important and can handle everything on my own without help. Even insecure people who would never boast or promote themselves can still be guilty of pride.

Humility then is the antithesis of pride. Humility is not self-deprecating; it is not a phony façade that appears humble. Humility is understanding this truth: I am not God.  I’m not totally independent, I am not the most important, I am not always in control – I need help and only the help that God can give. Without humility, we lack the right attitude for prayer. And remember that God’s answer to your prayers may also require your humility.