Room For Doubt - Week 1

Jan 10, 2018

We kick off the Room For Doubt series on January 13/14, 2018.  This is a building block in our One Life initiative which addresses doubts and questions that are common to each of us.  

The topic of week one is "The Upside of Doubt".  

The Bible is filled with stories of doubters - what can we learn from these doubters and how God used them regardless of their doubts.

     Leaders Intro & Lesson 1 questions

Video options for week one - all are short (times noted), so pick & choose or show them all in your group: 

  Room For Doubt video Introduction (1:45)

  Video option #1: Did People Doubt in the Bible (1:52)
  Video option #2: How Can A Christian Deal With Doubt (1:30)
  Video option #3: Dealing With Doubts (3:36)

For anyone in your group who likes to read, check out Is it Really Ok to Doubt? by Richard Knopp.  

More resources can be found on our Room For Doubt page:  
Want even MORE?  Visit the Room For Doubt creators webpage,