Room For Doubt - Week 3

Jan 24, 2018

Week 3: Isn't the Bible Full of Myths and Mistakes?

The Bible is the most scrutinized piece of literature in history, and yet over and over, it continues to stand strong against its accusers. How can we be confident that what it says is true and accurate?

     Leaders Intro & Lesson 3 questions

Video options for week 3 - all are short (times noted), so pick & choose or show them all in your group: 

Video option #1: Is the Bible Historically Reliable? (2:20)
Video Option #2: How Do We Show Someone The Bible is Trustworthy? (2:27)
Video Option #3: Do the Gospel Accounts Disagree? (3:34)
Video Option #4: Seeker panel: Thoughts on the Bible (2:20)
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