Sing to the Baby

Dec 3, 2015

“Hang up the baby’s stocking
Be sure and don’t forget
For little baby Emmerick
Hasn’t seen Christmas yet”

Singing this to a child born during the year has been a tradition in my family.  No doubt Dad sang it to me the year of my birth…and now I have sung it to my children and grandchildren.This year is “to be remembered” year since I have already sung it several times to my great grandson Emmerick.

I am grateful to our Creator God who has allowed me to experience the birth of a great grandson, the beginning of a new generation to our family.   It is always a thrill to welcome a baby into the family.  Somehow, I feel, this one is a bonus for me.

The Bible truth of the birth of the Christ is found in Luke.  And, Luke, reminds me of how Simeon  waited at the Temple year after year to see the Lord’s Christ.  Prophesy told Simeon that he would witness His birth.   

The Creator God allowed Simeon to  look into the Baby’s precious face and he saw the “consolation of Israel”.  The elder saint lived long enough to participate in the Promise made long ago and fulfilled in his lifetime.

Since I, personally, have experienced Jesus into my life. I can gaze into Emmerick’s face and trust that future generations of my family will be introduced to Jesus, the Lord’s Christ, and the consolation of all who believe.