Square Footage Doesn't Matter

Sep 7, 2022Carly Powell
We live in a fairly small house. We absolutely have everything we need and then some. We have plenty of space for our daily living and routines. We are blessed and then blessed some more. And yet, I sometimes find myself desiring a bigger house. You know, if I had a walk-in pantry or an extra bedroom for a playroom, then maybe I would be satisfied with the space and size of our house. If the kitchen was just more open and separated from our small dining area, then I could really convince myself that we had all the needed space to host more often. If only I had a screened-in porch, I would surely use it all the time and fully experience peace. But none of that really matters. As my husband would say, jokingly and lovingly, but in a true and reminding tone, “you are being a little fleshy right now.” The square footage of my home means nothing.
How often do I sit around and think about such worldly things of this earth? Why am I not focusing on the home I will be in eternally, in Heaven? The home that does matter. If I looked more towards Heaven, wouldn’t I be more likely to serve and love others with everything I have, to share the Kingdom of God, to profess my faith and live in such a way that showed it?
Will you join me this week in focusing on the gifts from God, the gifts of Heaven, and not of this earth? Let’s see how our perspective changes in doing so!