Surprised by Christmas

Nov 28, 2014Emily Bedwell

The holiday season is full of surprises:

  • You think you have the perfect gift picked out for someone - only to find they already have it.
  • You think you have no vacation time left - only to have your business close for the week so you can spend Christmas with your family.
  • You think you will be alone at Christmas - only to find a group of friends who invite you to spend the day with them.
  • You thought you knew exactly what was under the tree - only to find a gift beyond your wildest dreams.
  • You thought you were done having kids - only to find the test is positive.
  • You thought you'd have your baby at home - only to find a census has you on your way to Bethlehem.
  • You thought there would be a place for you - only to find there was no room a the inn.
  • You thought you would recognize the coming King - only to find a baby in a manger.

Join us for the next few weeks as members of our congregation share some of the surprises they have encountered around the Christmas season. From first Christmases with kids to Christmases with the in-laws to understanding the true meaning of the holiday season, there is something surprising about Christmas for all of us.