The Same Yesterday, Today and Forever

Apr 25, 2014

"Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever" Hebrews 13:8

This passage is so comforting. . .the fact that our Savior does not change. The world around us changes daily. . .the people around us change. . .our circumstances change. . .we change. . .but God doesn't. When something in life shakes us to the core, God does not change. When we have to face illness, or a difficult decision, or a move, or someone coming or going out of our life. . .the fear of change can be remedied by putting our trust and hope in Jesus Christ, the unchanging. . .the same. . .yesterday, today and forever.

He is our Rock. He is in the boat with us, calm and steady despite the turbulent seas. We can look forward to the future with unwavering confidence when we approach it from solid ground. We do not need to fear change when we know it cannot disturb the peace at our core. If the circumstances around us are unsteady, we don't even need to waste our energy trying to control them. We can focus our efforts on Christ, allowing Him to change our situation, to change us, to fortify us, to strengthen us, to change our minds, to give us peace. Perhaps we cannot change the things around us, but we can remain firm in the One who does not change.