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The Whole Story

Posted by Stephen Figert on

As the story goes, Hoshea, the king of Israel in Samaria, betrayed Shalmaneser, the king of Stephen FigertAssyria: he sent envoys to So, the king of Egypt, and stopped paying tribute to Shalmaneser.As a result of this political debacle, the Assyrians invaded Samaria, divided the Israelite nation, and scattered the Israelites throughout Assyria.

The writer of 2 Kings could have ended this historical account there. However, he didn’t. Why? Well, he wanted to tell the whole story. He knew that this account merely described the physical consequences of a spiritual problem. In other words, the real cause of the fall of Israel wasn’t politics. Instead, it was the broken relationship between Israel and God. While Hosheabetrayed Shalmaneser, Israel betrayed God. God’s chosen people forgot Him and served and worshipped idols. Consequently, God divided them up and banished them from His presence.

How often do we forget God by simply leaving Him out of our stories? Remember that God is constantly working around usand through us. He is the main character of the stories of our lives. So, throughout the day, think about and share what God is doing in your life.

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