Tom's Minute Message

Jul 17, 2014Tom Ellsworth

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How good are you at keeping a secret? Hi, I'm Tom Ellsworth from the Sherwood Oaks Christian Church with a minute message.

For centuries, those that worked in espionage were always creating new ways to conceal their important messages. One of the earliest spy tools devised by the ancient Greeks used a strip of leather wound on a wooden rod. That was just the beginning.

While Benjamin Franklin served as ambassador to France, his secretary, Dr. Edward Bancroft, was really a British spy and sent messages using invisible ink. During World War I, small cameras were attached to homing pigeons and released to fly over military sites. Capturing the Enigma Machine during World War II gave the Allies the ability to decode intercepted messages. And, yes during the Cold War, there really was a battery-operated shoe transmitter with a microphone embedded in the heel.

Kings and governments work hard to conceal their messages. But, one King wants his known to the whole world. It is the Lord's desire that all people hear the everlasting truth of love and grace. This is no secret, so let His message be seen and heard in you.