Unleashed Update

Sep 17, 2014

Back in 2012, Sherwood Oaks celebrated it's 50th year as a congregation. Among the many challenges we embraced that year (pray 50,000 hours, serve 50,000 hours in the church and serve 50,000 hours outside the church), we also committed to something big financially: To pay off the remaining church debt and have extra money to give away to help locally and globally. The challenge was issued. And you, the congregation, has answered the call.

The debt, which was at $4.3 million when we first started talking about seriously eliminating it, stands at just $679,000 today. That's right, we've paid off a huge amount of money in a short time. Refinancing helped, but the vast majority of that drop has come as a direct result of the sacrificial giving of the members of this congregation.

We're on track to finish paying off the debt in the middle of next year, but Tom has issued a new challenge. Let's just get this paid off this year and move on with the next phase of ministry here at Sherwood Oaks. We have no doubt we can do it and free up money for other ministry needs!

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