Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Mar 14, 2014Roger Clark

Colossians 4

We often think of Paul as the great theologian and evangelist of the early church. We admire him for his understanding of the mysteries of the gospel and his wisdom in dealing with difficult issues. At the end of this letter, in chapter four, we see another side. Here, with tenderness and detail, he speaks of some of his friends in the faith. Paul’s care and concern for these individuals, as well as churches, show his compassion and care. This is the other side of ministry. Someone once said, “they won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Paul understood the “secret sauce” to ministry is loving relationships. How about you? Do you have spiritual friends into whom you can pour your life? Paul’s ability to build relationships paved the way for him to speak into the life of the early church. We should follow his example.