You are Worth Everything

Oct 5, 2022Emily Bedwell

My head is a weird place to spend a lot of time. As someone with an anxiety disorder, I’m quick to jump on and hold onto the lies that are so easily put there by Satan. At there is a link to a document with 10 lies and how to replace them with the truth using scripture. As I looked through that list, the one that stuck out the most to me is this one:

LIE: I am not enough.

As I struggle in my darkest moments, that is what I feel – that I am not enough. That my best isn’t good enough. That who I am, foibles and successes combined, is not enough. That I will never be who I SHOULD be and I will always be striving to be something more. Those four words can change and define entire weeks of my life if I’m not careful. But as easy as it is to get lost in those four words, there are four more words, spoken to my heart by the Father, that remind me that what my brain and the world may say fails in comparison to how He feels about me.

Truth: You are worth everything.

To God, I am worth everything. I am worth loving. Worth dying for. Worth fighting for. Worth leaving heaven for. Worth experiencing the darkest parts of the human experience just so I can spend eternity with Him.

I’m not just enough. I am abundantly His.

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