Quentin Bemis

Achiever. Extrovert. Artistic.

Quentin joined the staff in September of 2019, returning to Bloomington after working in Evansville and Portland, Oregon. He and wife Renee have been married since 2013 and have two kids, Lincoln Emerson and Olivia Marie. 

He really enjoys movie nights & game nights with the fam and is a sucker for anything Pixar. If it's vacation, he's either headed to a big city he's not been to before or the beach. He says he's a bit of a nerd for a good board game, video game, or deep lore movie/tv series/book series. Songwriting is also a major passion of his. He loves writing songs for the church and creating instrumental music for easy listening! If he could learn a new instrument right now, it would definitely have to be the cello!

When he's not at work, with the family, or adventuring, you might find him hanging out on Kirkwood, eating good food and drinking good coffee.

Favorite Verse: 2 Chronicles 20 (the whole chapter)