Alan Phillips

Loving, Loyal, Biblical.

Alan joined the staff of Sherwood Oaks in September 2001, and has spent his time serving the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of our community every day since then. Alan is often found counseling people in need and walking the halls of the hospital, praying with those who are there. Alan also monitors our online worship services each Sunday morning and enjoys greeting from his "post" in the hallway. 

Sharon, wife since 1970, is an actor, artist and business owner. Alan has two daughters and a son who live in Texas, Norway and Hong Kong as well as three grandchildren, Lillian, Freddie and Theo. 

He loves reading non-fiction and science books, the BBC News and NY Times. He also enjoys crossword puzzles and always has a jigsaw puzzle in the works. When he isn't serving at Sherwood Oaks, he's vacationing on a small island off St. Thomas. His two favorite places in Bloomington are Sherwood Oaks East and Switchyard Park. 

Favorite Verse: 1 Thess. 4:11