The Heart of Generosity

Nov 10, 2023Lauren Hong

Generosity is a trait that we share with our heavenly Father and is a beautiful way that the world can see Jesus in us.

So what does it look like to be generous with our lives, to live and give in a way that reflects the love and character of Christ? Being generous is often easier said than done. Many of us are giving of our time, energy, and resources on a daily basis just to take care of our families, do our jobs and so on. You may feel depleted before you even start the day and wonder what else you might have to offer. Thankfully, it’s not about the amount of time or money but the heart that matters. God wants us to give and live generously so that we can experience Him and know his lovingkindness.

God is not demanding us to heedlessly “give, give, give!” until there’s nothing left financially, physically or emotionally. What God wants for us is to truly know and understand that HE IS SUFFICIENT. Completely. Perfectly. We cannot outgive God. We cannot get to a state of poverty or disparity that God cannot speak into or pull us out of. God does not want for us to be in places of pain and suffering, but He is, nonetheless, more than enough. When we come to God in a place of need, He meets us on the other side with his power and provision. It is often in the moments and seasons of greatest hardship that we see God most at work. When we choose to be faithful and give abundantly even when it hurts, we are better able to see the miraculous ways that God provides and cares for us.

Let’s live generously by investing in things that are eternal. Living like God owns everything, let us lay up for ourselves treasures in heaven. Not worrying about tomorrow, what we will eat or wear, let’s give generously to those around us, for our Father sees and knows what we need! (Matthew 6:20-34)