Ever wonder why God seems so silent?

Sep 2, 2022Shawn Green

Have you ever wondered why God seems so … silent?

Hi, I’m Shawn from Sherwood Oaks Christian Church with today’s Minute Message.

There are times on my faith journey when God seems so close. Like the veil between Heaven and Earth is paper thin. In those times, if feels like He speaks His love for me in every verse I read in the Bible and ever conversation I have with a friend.

But there are other times when I desperately wonder where He went. Why it seems like He’s abandoned me. Why He’s so … silent.

Have you been there?

Many people would say there’s silence because there is no God. I get that. But there are too many reasons why I believe in God to imagine He doesn’t exist.

I don’t believe that God is silent, but that our lives are filled with too much noise to hear Him.

God spoke to the prophet Elijah with a still, small voice. He doesn’t shout over the noise and chaos in our lives. Instead, He whispers to us in those quiet moments.

Wondering why God seems so silent today? Still your surroundings and quiet your heart so you can hear the whispers of a God who loves you.


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