How do you eat an elephant?

Jul 28, 2022Allen Burris

How do you eat an elephant? Hi, this is Allen Burris from Sherwood Oaks Christian Church with today’s Minute Message. How do you eat an elephant? The answer? One bite at a time.

I saw a poster the other day that had 5 statements to say when you are discouraged or challenged.

1. This is tough. But so am I.
 I may not be able to control this situation. But I am in charge of how I respond.
 I haven’t figured this out...yet.
This challenge is here to teach me something.
 All I need to do is take it one step at a time. Breath. And do the next right thing.

Difficult–seemingly impossible–things can often be managed if we take them one little step at a time. Jesus told us to take one day at a time. Trusting God one challenge at a time leads to peace and joy.

If you are discouraged, then think about these things. The peace of God always awaits you.

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