Loss slows you down

Aug 25, 2022

New births and recent deaths have a way of forcing us to slow down. For my family, in 2020 we experienced both, with the birth of my daughter Olivia, and then five days later mourning the sudden loss of my dad to Covid.

Hi, this is Quentin Bemis from Sherwood Oaks with the Minute Message.

I believe that God gives us the gift of rest for a reason. In seasons of extremes we have to learn to take on the pace of Jesus and rest in his presence. Jesus says in Mark 2:27 "The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath." God's command to take a day off isn't just some religious law, it's a holy invitation to renew your soul.

I am so grateful that after that intense week of my life, I was able to slow down and be with family. If you need to take on this Holy Pace, join us on September 11th at Sherwood Oaks as we rest in the promises of God and fix our eyes heavenward. For more information, visit socc.org/hope

Tags: hope, god's presence, hardship, death, loss