SK Faith Tools April 26-May 2

Apr 24, 2020Becky Thompson

Here are the activities for April 26-May 2 that you can do with your kids to help them grow in their relationship with Jesus! Feel free to include any or all of them into your schedule next week as you see fit.

  1. STUDY: Grab a ball, and sit in a circle with your family. Say something you value about someone in the circle as you roll the ball to them. Read Philippians 2:3. Talk about what it means to value others more than yourself.
  2. WORSHIP: Check out this video to have a worship experience at home with your family.
  3. SERVE: Donate to the Acts 2:45 Fund. Sherwood Kids will use some of this fund to provide food for healthcare workers next week.
  4. PRAY: Pray through art. Spend some time coloring. Determine what you'll pray for as you use each color (e.g. green for the earth, red for loved ones, etc.) As you use each color, pray out loud or in your head for those topics.

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