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The God of Restoration Projects

Posted by Brad Pontius on

I’ve always been intrigued by restoration projects – buildings, vehicles, furniture, toys. If God is active in our lives, we’re all in the process of personal renovation. During a recent site visit to Rapha House in Cambodia, we saw God’s restorative powers at work.  Beautiful, radiant, hopeful, youthful, pure – came to mind as we listen to the final thank-you song by the girls. Panning the crowd, we saw angelic smiles from 5 to 20 year olds. Although each girl has had unthinkable challenges to overcome from the exploitation and abuses of human trafficking, we saw how they are being restored in unbelievable ways.

Jim Lauck commented, “It’s miraculous to see the way God works.  Seeing the smiles, hearing their songs, receiving their hugs – without Rapha House, where would they be?” Todd was really impressed The staff – “We don’t know the girls that well, but what impressed me most the staff circle. There is a great deal of strength, unity and passion in the staff to help the girls. It isn’t just a job for them. It takes a deep spiritual strength to deal with all the difficulties the girls have to work through.

It takes planning and effort to make something that is damaged or tarnished like new again. We’re assured that, for those who trust in Jesus, all things work together for good. We are his masterpieces – being created stroke by stroke. We are like clay being shaped by the Master’s hand, like a tapestry being woven each day of our lives. At Rapha House we saw God’s hand at work, restoring and renewing the lives of his beautiful children.

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