SK! Faith Tools - April 12-18, 2020

Apr 17, 2020Becky Thompson

Here are the activities for April 12-18 that you can do with your kids to help them grow in their relationship with Jesus! Feel free to include any or all of them into your schedule next week as you see fit.

  1. STUDY: Watch this video. Read Luke 24:1-7. Print and complete the crossword search below.
  2. WORSHIP: Check out this video to have your own worship experience at home.
  3. SERVE: Donate to Backpack Buddies - a program run by the Community Kitchen that provides meals to low income families. Place donations in a bag labeled, "Backpack Buddies," and leave in the brown bin by Door 3 at Sherwood Oaks East Campus. Click here for a list of acceptable donation items.
  4. PRAY: I-Spy Prayer - Drive around town searching for these locations: Grocery Store, Restaurant, School, Police Station, Animal Shelter, Post Office, Hospital, Fire Station. When your family finds each location, take a moment to pray for the people there.

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