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Summer Series - Love Thy Neighbor

Posted by Shawn Green on

Summer is finally here! As we come out of our winter hibernation and begin interacting with our neighbors in our backyard, at the ball field, and around the park, many of us are asking, “How can I love my neighbor well this summer?” We want to see how you interact with your...

Behind the Seen Series Begins this Weekend

Posted by Shawn Green on

Humans are spiritual beings and have long been interested in the forces of this world we cannot see. Given the recent popularity of the paranormal in media and entertainment, even Hollywood has recognized that the supernatural sells. There’s no denying that, as a culture, we are as curious...

Room for Doubt Begins This Weekend!

Posted by Shawn Green on

Perhaps more than ever before, the church needs to address the fundamental questions about the Christian faith. Increasingly, our culture is becoming more secular, and a higher percentage of Christians are wandering away from their faith heritage, often times because they find the Church to be...

Why should I attend One Life Training?


Posted by Shawn Green on

Why Should I attend One Life Training?   We’ve been giving you a lot of information about One Life over the last few weeks. We’ve talked about how we want to challenge you, as a member of the Sherwood Oaks family, to reach out and make a deep investment into the life of...

One Life Trainings

Posted by Shawn Green on

Join us for this time to learn more about how to reach out to your One Life, how to create meaningful and dynamic conversations, and how to implement our One Life strategies. Each training session is broken down into two one-hour sessions. Sundays Mornings in R361 (11:00am) October 22...

Curiosity And Faith

Posted by Shawn Green on

Curiosity. As a child, we thrived on it. Curiosity is what fueled our imagination. It’s what led to us disassembling the toaster and finding the Christmas presents our parents thought they hid so well. Unfortunately, as we grow up, we begin to lose our curiosity. Some even write it off as...

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